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Nice to meet you!

My name is Irene Cajas and I'm a designer, innovator, and strategist. 

A designer by profession, I have always considered myself a lifelong learner and as luck and life would have it, my first job took me to a role in corporate learning & development. Over time I have held different positions in the learning & development field which has given me extensive experience and knowledge about the end-to-end process; from the development of learning material, coaching and developing learning specialists, partnering with stakeholders to implement learning programs and measuring the success of learning strategies. 

After seven years in the learning & development field, my constant lust for knowledge and learning led me to pursue my Masters in Advanced Design Management, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship (MaDE) and living in Barcelona, Spain. This learning experience has given me a wide set of tools and frameworks (service design, design thinking, lean, blue ocean strategy) to tackle complex problems across organizations. This combined with my previous knowledge in the learning & development field give me a deep understanding of how you can adapt, mold and shape the way people learn, the way they're developed, the way they take on challenges and the way they can overcome adversity.

what i do


I help clients solve their organizational challenges with a user-centered approach.


 I co-create innovative products, services and business models to help clients stay ahead of the curve.


I empower and upskills people through MBTI and user-centric methodologies to reach their fullest potential.

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